Butterfly provides for:

  • greater access to education for girls (SDG 4)
  • an income for locals who make and sell the product (SDG 1)
  • the health & well-being of women & girls (SDG 3)
  • gender equality (SDG 5):
    • the product itself allows women to go to work during menstruation
    • it is employing both women and men in production and sales
  • dignified work for men, women and young people without environmental damage (SDG 8)
  • a better environment: disposable sanitary pads are imported from Europe and China. In The Gambia, garbage is burned outdoors or just thrown into nature … Locally produced, washable sanitary napkins are better for people, animals and planet. (SDG 12, SDG 14 and SDG 15)

About the SDG’s
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